Observers for Absentee Ballot Scanning and Tabulation

THANK YOU for signing up to be an Absentee Ballot Observer during the General Midterm Election scanning process and/or an Observer for the Midterm Election Day Tabulation process.

These jobs are critical to ensuring FITness, Faith-Integrity-Trust, in our election process. 

Please review the slots and sign up for as many dates/times your schedule will allow.

We cannot thank you enough for getting involved and helping us protect our sacred right to legally vote!

Please note:

In accordance with O.C.G.A. 21-2-386(c)(6) between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM, all participants must adhere to the following rules….

“ All persons conducting the tabulation of absentee ballots during the day of a primary, election, or runoff, including the vote review panel required by Code Section 21-2-483, and all monitors and observers shall be sequestered until the time for the closing of the polls. All such persons shall have no contact with the news media- shall have no contact with other persons not involved in monitoring, observing, or conducting the tabulation- shall not use any type of communication device including radios, telephones, and cellular telephones- shall not utilize computers for the purpose of email, instant messaging, or other forms of communication- and shall not communicate any information concerning the tabulation until the time for the closing of the polls- provided, however, that supervisory and technical assistance personnel shall be permitted to enter and leave the area in which the tabulation is being conducted but shall not communicate any information concerning the tabulation to anyone other than the county election superintendent- the staff of the superintendent- those persons conducting, observing, or monitoring the tabulation- and those persons whose technical assistance is needed for the tabulation process to operate.”